About the Designer of Triassic Terror

Peter Hawes was born and still lives in Brisbane, Australia. He grew up in a family that all loved playing cards and boardgames. Euchre, 500, Canasta, Bridge and Hearts were the early regulars, followed by Cluedo, Stratego and Risk.

Australians are a competitive lot and Peter was no exception, making his state team for Rugby and Athletics. He went on to represent Australia in Athletics, but at 17 his running career had to be put on hold for 8 years whilst he attended University to study medicine and then do his internship in various Hospitals. At the age of 25 he put his medical career on hold to return to the track and his beloved 800m. In his typical all or nothing approach, he threw himself into the most grueling training programme in a effort to make up for all the lost years. Australia attended the 1980 Moscow Olympics, but because of the boycott funding was cut and no 800m runners were sent which was a bitter disappointment. It wasn't until 2011 that he finally made amends for 1980. In 2011, at Sacramento he won the World 800m Championship for his age and now rests easy at last!

Several of his medical colleagues introduced him to Diplomacy and subsequently Avalon Hill around the early 1980's. This was the start of his love affair with true strategy based games and within a few years the bookshelves were full of Avalon Hill titles. Having played many, many games of Diplomacy and winning several tournaments, he wanted a new challenge, so in 1988 he jumped on a plane and went to Baltimore to meet Eric Dott, the boss at Avalon Hill and presented him with some ideas for a sequel to Diplomacy. Although the game was finished within a year, it took until 1994 before it was published, due to considerable resistance from conventional Diplomacy players whose attitude was that no new game should be allowed to compete with the original. COLONIAL DIPLOMACY went on to win the 1995 Origins Award for Best Pre-20th Century Board Game.

At Origins 1994, he was introduced to German games for the first time and this triggered a new spending spree as he bought up all the great titles that had been released prior to that point. The new love affair was now with Eurogames and it spawned the desire to design one of his own, but owning and running two 7 day-a-week Medical Centres meant this dream had to be put on hold for many years. Peter credits Alan Moon with giving him the inspiration to finally design a Eurogame. He spent a few days at Alan's house in 2007 and was full of admiration for Alan's many great achievements.

In 2008, HEADS OF STATE was published by Eggertspiele, but unhappy with the artwork, he was determined to take more control of his next production. He discovered a very talented Australian graphic designer Ben Nelson, who happened to be a game player and asked if he could turn his abilities to work on a boardgame. They started work together and presented Z-Man games with a ready to print WAR OF THE ROSES in 2010. This game was everything that Peter wanted in terms of quality production and components and is one of the heaviest games ever produced.

Flushed with the sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing his vision for a game turn out exactly as he had hoped, Peter was spurred on to form his own production company KAYAL GAMES. His company plans to make gamers' games with high quality components and great production values. To this end he has teamed up with EAGLE AND GRYPHON GAMES, who have a long history of "big games" with lots of components. With his knack for coming up with clever strategic games and Eagles' great production experience they hope to produce a series of big gamers' games together, the first of which is TRIASSIC TERROR; soon to be followed by FRANCIS DRAKE.

Reviews coming soon.